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List Editor



Reloads the displayed contents of the list. Use this when other users may have made changes to the list while you're viewing its contents. Not available when the Save button is visible.


Backs up the contents of the list into a .zip file which can be used to import the list into another copy of VSys One.


Exports the people on this list to a dBase file. The export contains only the person's ID, object type, name, and the project's ID code. If you need more, use the Advanced Exporter.


Deletes all people from the list. Not available on Intellilists.


Makes a copy of this list with a new name. Changes made to the copy don't affect the original, nor do changes to the original affect the copy.

Add person

Find a person

Shows the standard Person lookup tool to add a single person by searching on their personal information.

Show add people tool

Selectively find people based on any number of criteria. You can then click and drag people individually or in bulk onto the list.

Other lists

Add to another list

Adds the people on this list to another list.

Add from another list

Adds people from another list to this one (not available for Intellilists).

Subtract from another list

Removes the people on this list from another list.

Subtract from this list

Removes people from this list who are also on the list you select (not available for Intellilists).

Intersect with another list

Deletes from this list any people who are on this list but not on the second list (not available for Intellilists).

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a person to modify that person or perform other actions.

Edit this person

Brings up this person in the Profile editor.

Delete this item from list

Deletes this person from the list. Does not affect the person.

Copy e-mail address to the clipboard

Only visible if the selected person has a valid e-mail address.

Copy name and address to the clipboard

Copies the person's full name and mailing address to the clipboard for you to paste into another program.

Send this person a letter or message

Performs a quick mail merge to send this person the letter you select.

Print a report for this person

Allows you to select a report to print for this individual.


Use this to select All, None or Reverse of the visible people.

Selected items

Add to another list

Adds the selected people to a different list.

Delete from list

Deletes all selected people from the list. Not available for Intellilists.

Send a letter

Performs a quick mail merge to send all checked people the letter you select.


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