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Capitalization Rules and Name Prefixes

These tools let you configure names or portions of names to be automatically capitalized during the data entry process. For each name segment, First/given name, Middle name, Last/family name and Name suffix, you select the capitalization rules and any exceptions to that rule.

Do nothing

Leaves the name segment unchanged from how it was entered.

Capitalize first character

Capitalizes the first character, makes all other characters lower case.

Capitalize all

Capitalizes all characters in the name segment.

Make lower case

Makes all characters in the name segment lower case.

These rules do not apply when people are imported using the Interactive File Importer.


You can define any number of exceptions (including none) to the rule for each name segment. The rules for each word are the same as the rules above with the addition of "Replace with another value". This replace option is useful for standardization and changes more complex than the other rules permit. For example, you could automatically replace "vanden" with "van den" in the last/family name.

Prefixes and suffixes

Prefix and suffix fields are used as hints when VSys needs to automatically break apart full names. This needs to be done when VSys is presented with a name like "van Jackson, Andrew Lloyd Jr". Most commonly this will happen when importing names, working with the Full name field in application forms, or when dealing with older data stored by GMS. If VSys knows that "van" is a common last name prefix, and that "Jr" is a common name suffix, it can successfully break this name apart into its components.

The last name prefixes here are also used in the Lookup method options panel as options for excluding portions of the family name from the name comparison algorithms.

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