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Lookup Method Options

When VSys One looks up people by their name, it searches three ways:

  1. People whose family name matches the value you enter.
  2. People whose family name begins with the value you enter.
  3. People whose family name is similar to the value you enter.

Generate the sound-alike/lookup name

This sets the algorithm which VSys uses to compare names to see if they are similar. VSys can use any of three methods here:

VSys One/GMS sound-alike

A proprietary method which is very effective and is VSys One's default method.


The industry-standard Soundex algorithm.

Raw family/last name

Uses just the first five bytes of the person's family name. This is normally only used for searching on Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, or other names primarily composed of non-Western characters which VSys would not be able to compare for similarity.

Generate lookup based on which name

This tells VSys which one of the three possible names for a person should be used when trying to find similar names. Normally this is left as the primary name, but if you're storing a non-Western name in the primary name field and the Western name in the alternate name fields, this lets you look up people based on similarity of the alternate or phonetic names.

Primary name

The person's primary name is used for finding people based on similar names.

Sounds like (phonetic) name

The person's phonetic name is used. If the phonetic name for a person is blank, the primary name is used in its place.

Alternate name

The person's alternate name is used. If the alternate name for a person is blank, the primary name is used in its place.

When looking up on family name, ignore these words at the beginning of the family name

In some cultures, family names are commonly prefixed with an honorific, e.g. "el". This honorific is not always present, and so you may have to search for someone once with the honorific in place, then again without it if the first search was not fruitful. This becomes more complicated if more than one prefixed honorific is common. This list will exclude any checked values when searching for name similarity. For example, the family names "el Abdullah" and "Abdullah" would both match a search for "Abdullah" if "el" was checked on this list.

The names present on this list are defined in the Capitalization rules and name prefixes tool.

Changing any of the values on this panel requires running the Index update tool in the Administrator tools panel afterwards. If you don't, VSys One and GMS are not going to be able to properly lookup people already stored.

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