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Mailing Labels from Mail Merged Letters

From the list of merged letters, you can print basic mailing labels or envelopes for those letters. You cannot edit the contents or design of these labels, but they are very straightforward to use. Select one or more letters then click on Print labels for selected.
Print mailing labels window

Label type

These are the defined label types.

Font, Size

Will be used for all text on the printed labels.

Name to use

Normal name: VSys uses the person's name, for example "George T. Washburn".
Alternate name: VSys uses the person's alternate name, if present, for example "Georgie Washburn". Otherwise it falls back on the person's normal name.
Normal name w/prefix includes the person's salutation, for example producing "Mr. George T. Washburn".

Starting label

If you re-use a partial sheet of labels, VSys can skip labels. Set this field to the starting label number. The label at the upper-left corner is considered the first label and labels will print in column one, then column two, etc., unless you have changed your preferences to rows in System preferences and feature enabling.

Exclude people without a mailable address

If checked, a person on this list whose address is incomplete will not have a label printed.

Exclude duplicate people

If checked and a person has two or more letters on this list, only the first letter will generate a label.

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