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Reference Check Scheduled Tasks

In order for these e-mails to be generated and sent out automatically, you need a scheduled task.

  1. Create a scheduled task group, and the task Mail merge within it.
    Click Select a merge to load the saved mail merge you created earlier.
    Set Letter status to Pending. (If you’re pretty sure that everything is right, you can set this to Held then run the scheduled task. VSys will generate the letters but they won’t be deliverable by the E-mail Robot. Check the generated letters in Letter Manager. If they’re right, change their status to Ready to send. If not, delete them.)
  2. Save the task.
  3. Set the schedule as appropriate.
  4. Save the task group.

You should verify that your mail merge settings work correctly before activating the scheduled task here. When the scheduled task is run, it will generate and save the letters, making them available for immediate delivery by the E-mail Robot.

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