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Request Approval/Rejection/Return

Opening a request brings up the request, its status, dates, associated items and all of the fields entered by the requestor. This is the heart of the volunteer request tool.

At the top of the application are its Status, Job, Finalized, First date and Last date.


Sets the approval status of the request.

Approved: All of the items created are saved.

Partially complete, Pending, Returned to requestor: Only comments are saved; the requestor is allowed to re-edit the request in VSys Live to revise it.

Submitter cancelled: Only comments are saved.

A status of Approved, Rejected or Submitter cancelled prevents the requestor from revising the request in VSys Live.

Rejection reason

Only applicable it the Status is Rejected, gives the request a specific reason for why it was not approved. Useful for reporting and filtering.


Links the request to a specific job. If this is set, when creating new slots or assignments, those items will default to this job.


Set this to the date that a final decision is made about a volunteer request; this field is used primarily in reporting and filtering.

First date, Last date

Dates entered by the requestor; these become the start and end dates for new slots and recurring assignments.

Created items

Here is where you'll find any of the items associated with this request. You can add to the request by right-clicking in this list.


Create new items: Assignment, Recurring assignment, Slots, Job and Open schedule job.

New assignments and recurring assignments first require selecting a volunteer, then a job. If you've set the Job above, assignments will start off in that job.

New job slots take on the Job (if set) and dates from the request.

A new job takes on the properties set in the request itself. For example if the field Required skills was placed in the request, the newly-created job would automatically have the required skills entered by the requestor.

New open schedule jobs are is added to a specific VSys Live site.

View, Edit

Opens the item - new or existing - for viewing or editing.

Find existing

Finds and loads a pre-existing job or open schedule job. Add these to be able to associate them with the request and/or edit them.


Deletes any items here, with the exceptions that a previously-created job or open schedule job cannot be deleted and pre-existing comments cannot be deleted.

If the request is saved with a Status of Approved, then all of the items here are saved as well. Any other Status will save only the comments: jobs, job slots, etc.

Once saved, if you re-open a request, the items previously added to the request will remain visible here for future editing.

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