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Setup - VSys Live

To allow your staff to request volunteers and to allow them to see the status of their existing requests, you'll add two things to VSys Live:

  1. Menu link(s) to create submit new applications, and
  2. A page with the VSys Live listing view Volunteer request applications.

Submitting new applications

To a VSys Live menu, add either:

You can use visibility rules to limit who has access to these menu items.

Viewing submitted applications

Create a VSys Live page with the listing view Volunteer request applications on it. (Or add this listing to an existing page.) Optionally select the columns to display and sort order, and/or filter which types of applications can be shown. When VSys Live shows this listing, it will display all of the requests submitted by the current user, and optionally provide a link for them to view and/or edit the application.

Again, use visibility rules here to hide this listing for VSys Live users who should not be using this tool.

If you created a new page, be sure to add that page as a menu item so that it can be accessed.

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