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VSys Live Kiosk Check Out Page

This page must include the block "Kiosk Check Out" or the action link "Kiosk check in/out".

A checked in volunteer is shown this page after logging in.

If the job that the volunteer is checking out for prompts for Additional time, Miles, Travel time or any metrics, they'll be prompted appropriately:

Job Switching

If the setting When checking out, prompt for actual job performed is checked in the action link, when checking out, VSys will prompt the volunteer to optionally check out for a different job than she checked in for. If she chooses a different job, her original checkin is retroactively changed to be the new job instead of the original, and she's prompted for metrics appropriate to the new job.

Early Checkout

If the volunteer has not been checked in for at least five minutes, she'll see something like this:

Here she can click Exit to return to the login page, or click the button next to the shift she signed in for accidentally then on Cancel check in to delete her checkin.

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