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Merge Template Conditionals

Merge templates support "conditional directives", that is, conditions under which aspects of the content will be displayed or not. For example:

Assignment: field[[Job|j.8]] (field[[Duration|j.3]]) field[[Credited start|j.43]xf:(Started: %s)]
<h3>{$IF IsSlot}This assignment is part of a job slot!{$ELSE}This assignment is a loner.{$ENDIF}</h3>
<h3>{$IF StartIsPassed}Sometime in the past{$ELSE}Still to come{$ENDIF}</h3>
{$IF IsSlot}
<p>Volunteers assigned: field[[(Slot) Count taken|j.slot.43]]</p>
<p>Volunteers assigned not counting me: field[[(Slot) Count taken by others|j.slot.102]]</p>

In this text you'll see the conditionals {$IF IsSlot} (used twice) and {$IF StartIsPassed} (these are specific to job assignments). When the job assignment is linked to a job slot, you'll see the text This assignment is part of a job slot! otherwise you'll see This assignment is a loner. Below that, only if the assignment is linked to a slot will you see the counts of volunteers assigned to the slot; if it's not based on a slot then none of that text will show.

Conditional values


IsSlot, StartIsPassed, EndIsPassed, ClientAssigned.

Job slots

TooEarly, JustRight, TooLate.

Bonus: MinSign, MaxSign (these resolve to the min/max signup dates for a slot)


MobileNow, Kiosksite, AnywhereSite, Auth.

Merge template conditionals are not supported for use directly by customers.

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