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Required fields

A required field is generally outlined in color. In the examples here that's blue; the actual color in your system will depend on the color scheme your system administrator picks.

Required field:

Optional field:

Using Drop-Down Lists

Some fields are drop-down lists from which you can select a single value. Click on the down-arrow to the right of the field. A drop-down list opens. Click on the selection you want.

These fields support "dynamic filtering". Instead of just opening the list, try typing a few letters of you want. The editor only brings up options which include your search text.

Checklists are another type of drop-down list. A checklist contains multiple choices and allows you to make multiple selections. Click on the down-arrow to open the list, and click as many items as necessary (possibly none); selected items appear at the top. To un-check an item, click the X next to its name, or to clear the whole list, on the red X at the right.

Entering Dates

You can enter a date in a date field by either typing in the date or by selecting the date from a drop-down calendar. It's important to enter dates in a valid format: typing in "010118" will not get you January 1, 2018.


VSys Anywhere time fields can be entered in any number of ways, and VSys will try to intelligently interpret what you enter:


Durations are usually entered as fractional hours.

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