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Person Lookup Tool Profile

Allow creation of new people

If not checked, the user cannot create new people.

Allow creation of new people in any search mode

Some search modes such as "Advanced criteria" and "By group" don't normally show a Create new person link even if Allow creation of new people is checked; use this to allow creation even in these modes.

Allow filtering on availability

With some search methods such as "By name", if this is checked, VSys will show fields for searching by availability.

Allow editing of person's lists

If checked, shows the Edit lists link when allows adding/removing the person to/from lists as well as creating new lists.

Include "Edit addresses" link, Include "Run report" link, etc.

These are the links that show under Actions.

Person types, Groups, Lists, Person statuses

Any values set here limit the results shown to only people meeting these criteria.

Search by

See person lookup.

Note that some values here such as "Job preferences", "Language" and "Skills" are add-on searches: they show additional fields for the other lookup methods such as "Name" rather than becoming Lookup by options themselves.

Hide search fields

Use this to hide specific search fields and simplify the tool for users.

Visible columns

Fields checked here are shown directly in the results.

Column names and order

Click this to re-name or re-arrange the columns that are displayed.

Fields to show in mouseover hints

These fields show in the mouseover hint for a person. It's usually better to have more fields here and fewer in Visible columns to reduce screen clutter as well as speed up the search.

Maximum results to show

When the user clicks Search, VSys will never show more than this many results. If more than this are available, VSys shows a message to that effect.

Allow user to set maximum results count, Default user maximum results count

If you want your users to normally only see a reasonable number of records in a search, but allow them to specifically get more when they request it, check Allow user to set... Then set the Default user maximum results count to, say, 100. If Maximum result so show is 500, the tool will show a field allowing the user to request 500 results, but if they don't change that they'll only see 100.


Sets the default column to sort by; the user can always click on a column header to change the sort order.

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