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Client Signup Rule

Client signup rules are part of the client management system. Each slot that represents a client opportunity has a client signup rule associated with it. That rule then controls when the slot is visible, custom fields to prompt for and require, signup application, etc.

Client signup rules are global: they're not part of any single VSys Live site.


For your use.

Allow client self-selection

If this is not checked, clients cannot search for and select a slot which has this rule; you can manually assign a client to such a slot, though.

Allow volunteer signup when status is still "Pending approval"

Generally a slot cannot be selected by a volunteer until its Approval status is "Approved". Check this to allow slots which are still "Pending approval" to be seen and selected online by volunteers.

Earliest date visible to client, Last date visible to client

Earliest and latest dates that slots with this rule will be shown in the client opportunity lookup tool.

Earliest signup date for client, Last signup date for client

Earliest and latest dates that slots with this rule will be available for signup in the client opportunity lookup tool. You could, for example, set the earliest date here to be after the Earliest date visible to client: that would allow them to see slots earlier before they can actually sign up for them.

Client custom fields to prompt

When a client actually selects a slot, they'll be prompted for values for these custom fields. Note that these are custom fields associated with job slots, and the values that they enter are applied to the slot, not the client.

Client custom fields to require

For prompted custom fields, which ones is the client required to fill in?

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Use these to set minimum and maximum values, or limit which options from checklists and combo boxes should be valid.

Client signup application

When an "anonymous" (not logged-in) client searches for slots, this is the application they'll be prompted to complete if they select a slot without first signing in.

Slot approval status after client signup

After a client has selected a slot, it will be given this Approval status.

Allow client self-cancellation

If checked, clients can be allowed to self-cancel. Their doing so does not remove them from the slot: instead it changes the slot's Approval status to "Cancelled by client".

Prevent client self-cancellation unless at least this many days until start

Limits how close to the start date a client is allowed to self-cancel.



People types, Groups, Required lists

A client must meet these criteria in order to select a slot.

Additional notifications

When notifications are generated regarding slots with this rule, any people designated here will automatically also be notified.

Text 1, Text 2, Text 3

These fields are available in the merge template used when displaying this slot for lookup or when a client is actually selecting it.


An inactive rule cannot be used.

This rule:

Allows clients to self-cancel up to 30 days before the slot's start.Client management and signup tools in VSys Live is not part of the standard VSys Live implementation. In general, installing and configuring this option comes with an additional fee. See Advanced features for information.

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