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Advanced User Decryption Keys

Under most circumstances, you're not going to want to give your master private key to anyone, let alone use it on a daily basis:

The solution to this is user decryption keys. They have none of the drawbacks above and can always be revoked. Use decryption keys are:

Create user decryption keys from the Advanced user decryption keys tool.

  1. Right-click on the list and select Add user decryption key.
  2. Name the key something descriptive; what it's called isn't particularly important in most cases.
  3. Select the Encryption key that this user key will be associated with. Note that if you haven't already, you'll be required to provide a master or user private key at this step.
  4. Choose the VSys Security user that this key is for.
  5. Have the user type in their Passphrase and Verify passphrase.
  6. Save the key to a file, usually a USB key provided to the user.
  7. Save the new decryption key.

User decryption keys are only available if VSys Security is enabled.

Managing existing keys

Click on an existing user key to modify it. Note that you can only change the Description and Inactive properties- not the Encryption key or User at this point. Disable a key by marking it Inactive and saving it.

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