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Advanced Encryption Keys

Data is encrypted in VSys using Advanced Encryption Keys. These represent the PGP "public" keys. Create new encryption keys with the Advanced Encryption Keys Setup tool.

  1. Right-click on the list and select Add encryption key.
  2. Give that key a description, and make it one that's useful to you: you'll see that description in the various setup tools and when being prompted for a decryption key.
  3. Save the decryption key (the "private") key to two separate disk files, then store those in a safe place.
    NOTE: A "safe place" is not on your desktop, or on a file share, or anywhere other than an external USB key, both of which are then stored in locked, protected places!
  4. Save the new key.

Key ID corresponds to the Encryption value (see How VSys Encrypts Data); Fingerprint is the PGP fingerprint for the key.

After the key has been created and saved, you can never save the private keys again. This isn't VSys making the rule: it's mathematics.

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