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Awards Nominations (VSys Anywhere)

Computers are good at understanding rules. If you can define the "rules" for who is eligible for an award, VSys can search your volunteer records and determine who meets the criteria for each type of award. The exception to this are "Subjective" awards which do not have "rules" that VSys can understand. Subjective awards must be created and assigned manually.

Steps in this task

  1. Open Awards nominations, select the appropriate Types, Initial status, Effective date and Date awarded. Note only hours up to and on the effective date are included in the calculations. (Making these nominations doesn't save them - you'll get to preview them first.)
  2. Click Make nominations. VSys will go through each type of award one by one and find the people eligible for it.
  3. Check the list of created awards and determine which ones are appropriate. Click on Edit next to an award to edit its Status, add comments, delete incorrect awards, etc.
  4. Click Save changes to commit your changes or change your criteria and click Make nominations to start again. Note that none of what you create here is saved until you click Save changes!

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