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HTML Cleanup Tools

When working with HTML in Show raw HTML mode, you get a lot of options for managing that HTML. It's very easy to accidentally create or import HTML that's pretty awful; these tools help you clean that up.



Use this to insert system (VSys Live) images, FontAwesome symbols, merge fields, etc.

Clean up HTML (all)

Attempts an automated cleanup of the HTML to remove redundant elements and anything else that VSys thinks doesn't belong.

Remove styles (selected text)

Removes all HTML style attributes but not elements such as <b>, <i>, and <span>.

Remove all but structure (selected text)

Removes all HTML styling (explicit style attributes, <b>, <i>, <span> and everything else that's display but not structure and content) and leaves the structure and content intact.



Use this to insert system (VSys Live) images, FontAwesome symbols, merge fields, etc.

Paste from clipboard

Unchanged: VSys imports what's on the clipboard without modification, which may mean importing some very ugly (poorly-formed or wrapped) content if you're importing from a program like Word, but if you've copied some HTML from another text editor or another aspect of VSys, this imports that content without breaking it.

Plain text: VSys removes all formatting, structure, etc. from the clipboard's contents during import. Use this if you really only wanted to bring in text from a browser or Word, for example, but Paste/Unchanged brings in formatting and/or structure that you didn't want.

HTML: VSys "unwraps" anything around the HTML on the clipboard and brings in only the body. Most useful when importing from a browser or Word and you want the formatting, but not the detritus around it.


See Editing HTML in VSys One.


In raw HTML mode only, if you've right-clicked on a color (not an item with a color, but specifically a web color, e.g. "#00FF00"), lets you visually edit that color instead of guessing from hexadecimal web colors.

Line wrap

Takes all of the HTML here and re-arranges it - without changing the meaning - so that it fits horizontally in the editor without scrolling. (Since HTML generally ignores multiple space or line break characters, this won't affect how the content is actually displayed, it just makes it more convenient for you to work with.)

Merge fields

See text like <datafield class="template-mergefield" data-field="P.76" title="Mailing dear">{field: Mailing dear}</datafield>? Everything within the <datafield> elements is a single merge field. If you change anything in there, VSys may handle it in an unpredictable manner: ignoring it, rendering it incorrectly, steadfastly refusing to edit the field, outputting invalid HTML, or failing to render it or the fields that follow it.

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