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Editing HTML in VSys Anywhere

HTML editing in VSys Anywhere is much simpler than in VSys One: you're already working in a browser. In general the built-in HTML editor should be pretty obvious in use, with few exceptions.

Some VSys Anywhere tools like letter templates support default font names and sizes; for tools that do, use those and then only set the detail fonts where needed rather than over and over again.

Pasting HTML from external sources

To embed HTML from another browser, or your word processor or e-mail application,

  1. Copy it to the clipboard,
  2. Click in the body of the field where you want the new text to go, then
  3. Paste the content there using right-click or Ctrl-V.

VSys will take that content and insert it into the template at the current "caret" point, i.e. where the last time was in that field you were typing.

Images that you paste in? VSys takes care of those automatically, putting them into the internal HTML image pool.


Above the text you'll see a link with three vertical dots; click it then on the <> link. This shows the underlying HTML which is what VSys is actually using behind the scenes.

Be careful of <span class="datafield"...> tags: those are special and used by HTML letter templates.

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