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Datatable Styles

Datatable styles in VSys Live and VSys Anywhere are a way of displaying data as HTML tables with extra functionality and flexibility. A simple HTML table just a big listing; a table displayed using a datatable style can have:

(VSys uses the DataTables tool for this functionality.)


Select zero or more options here; their names pretty much explain how they work.

Word wrap cells

Force or prevent long text values in a cell from wrapping to the next line. If "No word wrap" is selected and the text is too long to fit, it will be truncated.

Render asynchronously

Checking this tells VSys Live to not send the actual contents of the table directly to the browser. Instead, VSys would tell the browser "When you're ready, get the content here".

Text to show while loading

If Render asynchronously is checked, shows this text in place of the table until the table is loaded.

Text to show when empty

If Render asynchronously is checked, shows this text in place of the table if the table has no content.

Use smooth scrolling instead of pagination

Normally a table paginates, i.e. has page number links at the bottom when there's more data that can fit at one time. Check this to tell VSys to always show the table at a specific height, and to scroll the content within that space.

Enable searching

Checking this shows the Search field on the table if the number of records meets some minimum value. That field lets the user search through all columns of all rows in the table, even if those rows are not currently visible.

Disable count summary

This turns off the count of rows at the bottom of the table.

Hide empty columns

By default, columns that have no values on any rows will still be shown; check this to hide any column which is empty for every row.

No horizontal scrolling

Check this to prevent a horizontal scroll bar if the table is wider than the window.

No table header

This hides the field names at the top of the table.

No automatic column sizing

Normally columns will automatically size themselves to fit based on the data that's visible; check this to tell VSys to leave the sizing alone.


Enables "responsive" mode, which may work better on some mobile devices.


Shows or hides the Print, Excel and/or PDF buttons.

Example datatable listing

Note that the icon and "Trainings" text above come from the listing view itself, not from the datatable style.

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