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VSys Web Applications

Custom application properties for an application on VSys Web

Title at top of page

Shown at the top of the page; VSys Web Advanced only.

Applicant primary e-mail field

Every VSys Web application must have a field for the person's e-mail address. If you haven't placed the e-mail field on the form yet, go back to the form designer and do that first. Select that field here. VSys will mark this field as "Required" and "Validation: e-mail address".

Send a confirmation e-mail...

When this is checked and an application is filled out online, VSys Web will send the person a confirmation e-mail immediately. You can edit the template for that e-mail below.

Send an administrative e-mail...

When there are one or more applications filled out online that haven't been downloaded, VSys Web will send a notification e-mail to this address at your organization

But not more than...

Checking this box limits the frequency of the administrative e-mails above, for example allowing you to only receive them once per day by setting it to 24 hours.

After an applicant successfully completes...

If you want to redirect an applicant to another website after they've filled out this application, put that website's URL here.

Web instructions

These instructions will appear at the top of the application form. You can enter plain text or HTML here.

Message to show after submitting application

Shown in a popup window after successful submission of the application; VSys Web Advanced only.

VSys Web application confirmation

Check Send a confirmation e-mail to anyone who fills out this application on the VSys Web application panel to see these options.
Custom application settings when a form is completed on VSys Web

Confirmation e-mail subject

This will be the subject line of confirmation e-mails sent to applicants.

Confirmation reply-to address

The confirmation e-mails will appear to be sent from this address, and any "bounced" e-mails will go here as well.

Applicant must click on link...

If checked, a form that is filled out online is not considered complete until the applicant receives the confirmation e-mail and clicks on the confirmation link within it. Note that if you provide your own confirmation e-mail template, for this to work you must include the special field Confirmation link (shown as "<<!mail_link>>").

VSys Web only - not supported by VSys Web Advanced.

Confirmation e-mail template

VSys Web has its own very simple built-in confirmation e-mail that it will send. You can write your own template here using plain text and HTML. In that template you can optionally include special fields, i.e. some of the fields that the applicant actually filled out in their online application.

Use a built-in default template

Click this link to load the basic template built into VSys.

Insert a special field

If you are composing your own confirmation and want to have items like the person's name automatically filled in, use this link to insert a data field.

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