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Combined Calendar Sub-letter

Like the assignment calendar sub-letter, this sub-letter produces a calendar and embeds it in the letter. This calendar can include assignments, expiring certifications, expiring trainings, interview and trainings. As with other sub-letters, you create these by clicking on the Edit sub-letters link within the letter template. Then click on Add combined calendar.

Items to include

Assignments, Expiring certifications, Expiring trainings, Interviews and Trainings.


If expiring certifications are included, this filters the types of certifications.

Fields to include

The fields available here will vary depending on the types of things included.

First date, Last date

Date range for the various things included. For assignments, trainings and interviews it filters on the start date. For expiring certifications and expiring trainings it filters on the expiration dates.

Detail font size

Text in the calendar will use this font size.

Holidays to include

The selected holidays will be included directly on the calendar.

Assignment statuses

Only assignments with these statuses will be included.


This logo will be included at the top of every page in the calendar.


Any checked Attachments will bring into the e-mail generated here any job and location attachments of those types associated with the jobs and locations of the assignments included in the calendar.

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