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The Translations tool gives you a mechanism for changing the texts which are embedded throughout VSys One.

How do you change the text of items without switching to another language? Easy: "translate" the English version. Even when speaking in English, its native language, VSys still looks for translations from the built-in text to the current language.

This tool is only available if the VSys.bld file is present in the same folder as VSys.exe. VSys.bld contains the source translation texts along with the built-in translations.

This is a scary looking tool, but it can be broken down into a few basic elements:




The area of VSys where this text originates.


The original text as present in VSys One.

English, French, etc.

The built-in translation, if any, for the selected language.


Your translation for the selected language. If you enter a value here it will override the built-in translation.


You can use the Export translations and Import translations links to share your translations with another organization, or to copy them to a different VSys One database.

On the right-click menu

Apply from other translations

Finds any other text with the same source as the selected one and uses its translation for this item.

Search and replace

Brings up a tool that lets you apply bulk changes to many items at once.

The same text, for example "Cancel", may be found in more than one area in VSys. Changing that text in one place does not mean that it can't be translated to something else in another area.

After saving your translations, you'll need to restart VSys for them to take effect.

The translations here are stored in the VSys One database and affect all users.

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