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Object Renaming

Object renaming lets you tell VSys to call certain things by different names. For example, you can refer to "Projects" as "Special events" if that makes more sense to your organization. While you can't define new types of addresses and phone numbers, you can rename existing types by using this tool. It doesn't change how VSys works with them, but it will display them using the terms you specify.

Use the Translations tool to change the texts shown to users beyond the ones available here.

From the VSys One home screen and the Setup panel, click on the Object renaming link.
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After saving your changes, VSys One will need to shut down for the changes to take effect.

Injudicious use of object renaming can confuse your users, either accidentally or by intent. (Yes, you could rename all objects to "George", and while this would probably be very entertaining, your staff may hurt you as a result.)

Object renaming does not have any language options, meaning that renaming "Project group" to "Special event group" results in those being called "Special event group" in all languages used by VSys. To make global changes on a language-by-language basis, use Translations search and replace.

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