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Timeclock Records Importing

Records from your timekeeping system can be imported in one of two ways:

Using the Import timeclock records link,

  1. You'll be prompted for the file to import. Select the appropriate file.
  2. After it processes, any errors in that file will be shown on screen as a report:

    Print or save this report: the records shown here will not be imported and will not be processed by VSys.
  3. Any valid records, (ones that VSys thinks can be processed), will be shown on the VSys screen:
  4. Records where VSys cannot find the associated volunteer will have "(n/a)" as the Volunteer. Right-click on the record and select Volunteer --> Find.
  5. Once a volunteer is associated with an imported record you can edit that record or change its status.
  6. Records saved here with a status of Okay to post will be posted and create hours records. All others will remain "in limbo" until processed manually.

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