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E-mail Letter Robot Monitor

The E-mail Letter Robot Monitor is a remote control tool for the Standalone E-mail Robot, monitoring its progress, pausing/resuming and stopping it as necessary.
Standalone e-mail robot monitor screen

Here you can see up to the last 24 hours of activity, see that the robot is running, and watch what it does. Use the links on the left to control the robot:




Refreshes the list of activity below.


Pauses or resumes all running Standalone E-mail Robots.

Terminate E-mail Robot

Terminates all running Standalone E-mail Robots. You cannot restart them from here once they're terminated, to do that you'll use the same mechanism as you did to start them initially.

Use the notification subscription trigger "Standalone E-mail Robot not running" to be notified if the Standalone E-mail Robot has not been run for some set period of time.

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