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Award Details

Award details window showing "Most friendly volunteer" award

Field name



Description of the award. Usually this is the same as the award's type, but you can change it here.

Note that changing the description of an award type does not affect the description in awards which already exist, only in the name of newly-created awards.


The descriptions here are guidelines. VSys will let you use them for things other than the reasons here with one exception: Awarded and Awarded posthumously are the only types considered when determining if someone already has this award.

System created

Applied when VSys automatically creates the award.


Person is nominated but not yet confirmed to be a recipient.


Award is likely to be awarded, but has not been yet.


Award has actually been given out.


Recipient is not eligible for this award, and you want to track that fact.


Recipient may be eligible, but it's not being given out at this time for some reason.


Recipient applied for the award but it has not been awarded.

Awarded posthumously

Awarded to a recipient who was deceased at the time.


Date nominated

Date that VSys created the award during the automatic nomination process.

Date awarded

Date the award is given out, pin mailed, letter sent, etc. Only visible if Status is set to Awarded or Awarded posthumously.



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