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Adding, Editing and Printing Comments

Adding comments

Click the Just a comment link on the left side panel to open the Comment window.
Comment window for adding a comment to a person

Enter a comment for the person and click the Save button on the Comment window.

Editing a comment

Click on the comment to bring it up for editing or right-click on it and select Edit.

Use the Enable formatted (RTF) comments option in System preferences and feature enabling, under Advanced to add text formatting to your comments.

Deleting a comment

Right-click on the comment and select Delete to delete the comment and its associated image, if any. Note the comment does not get deleted until you click the Save button. You can right-click on the comment again and select Un-delete to undo this action before saving

Adding an Image from a File

  1. Click the Image from file link and the Open window opens, which lets you browse to the image you want to open.
    File browsing window showing the addition of an image to a person
  2. Find the image you want to attach, select it, and then click on the Open button.
  3. Enter your comments about this image (optional) and click the Save button.
  4. After adding any other comments and images, click the Save button at the top of the screen to save your changes and return to the previous screen.

Adding an Image from a PDF file

To add an image from a PDF click the Image from PDF file link, and then browse to the PDF file with the image. Selecting the file will bring up the options of images to import. There must be an image in the PDF file for this to work. Note that VSys can't read all images from all PDF files. This tool is intended to help when using scanners which produce PDF files instead of JPEG or other image files.

Adding an Image from a Scanner or Camera

Click the Image from scanner/camera link and the window that opens will be specific to your scanner. Refer to the documentation that comes with your specific scanner for further instructions.

Selecting a Scanner/Camera

  1. Click the Select scanner/camera link and the Select Source window opens, allowing you to select the scanner or camera device to be used when scanning images.
  2. Click the device you want then click the Select button.

The images you add must be in JPEG or PNG formats only.


Use the checkboxes at the front of the comments to select a comment to print. Choose which aspects of the comment from the menu (Comments, Comments (only those with images), Comments including images or Comments full page images).

Print all

Choose Print all to print all comments for a volunteer, not just the ones you have selected.

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