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Walkup Check in Job Properties

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Field name



Text description of the job. This is what will display on the kiosk.


The project associated with this job, or (global). (Only visible if projects are enabled.)


Job and job group that this walkup check in job is associated with.


This is the location that will be associated with the volunteer hours record posted, and where someone looking for a checked in volunteer would expect to find him.

Valid days of week

Un-check any days of the week when this walkup check in job should not be available.

First valid date, Last valid date

If entered, this walkup check in job is only available during this date range. If only the First valid date is provided, it's considered to be available from that date forward. If only Last valid date is entered, it's valid on any date up to and including that date.

Default duration

If the volunteer does not check out of this job, this is the number of hours he will be credited with.

Maximum duration

If not 00:00, even if the volunteer works longer than this time, he will only be credited with this many hours.

Only specific times of day

If checked, the job is only available during the time period you specify.

Exclude if volunteer has other options to check in for

Selecting one or more of "Another assignment to check in for" and "Any other job via job association, recent assignments or recent hours to check in for" will hide this walkup check in job on the kiosk if the volunteer has these other options available to her.

Kiosk locations

Which kiosks, if you have multiple locations, should volunteers be able to sign in.

VSys Live supports some additional properties for walkup check in jobs.

Limit concurrent check ins

To prevent too many volunteers from being checked in at once for the same walkup checkin job, check this and select the maximum allowed.


Count is people checked in for this job: Volunteers checked in for the underlying job, in this case "Protection/Emergency preparedness", count against the limit even if some of them are checked in on the basis of assignments, job associations, or other methods.

Count is people checked in for this walkup checkin job: Only volunteers checked in for this specific walkup checkin job count against the limit.

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