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Creating Recurring Assignments

Create a recurring assignment from the Assignments panel in the Profile editor by clicking on the Add recurring.
Create Recurring Assingment window showing a sample Home Meal Delivery job assignment

Field name

Definitions and comments


First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Last, Every, Odd, Even, Every other (a) and Every other (b). With the exception of Odd, Even and Every other... these are qualifiers for the weeks of the month.

Odd and Even represent weeks of the year; note that because of the way these are counted, they can be affected by the transition from one year to the next and so not be truly alternating weeks.

Every other (a) and Every other (b) are special: they start counting from the December 31, 1899 and are truly alternating weeks. To figure out which of these two are appropriate for a given volunteer, try one and click Generate assignments. If the results are the wrong weeks, use the other one.

Picking Second here and then Monday in the Days field will assign the person to this job on the second Monday of every applicable month. Choosing Odd here instead will give them an assignment on the odd numbered weeks of the year.


Sunday through Saturday, the assignments will be created on these days of the week.


Which months of the year.

Job, Location



Person assigned to as the supervisor for this assignment. Select (find a person) to include someone not already on the drop-down list.

Start date

First date to be used when creating the assignment. Note this day may not actually have an assignment if it does not meet the Method/Days/Months criteria. For example, if you give a start date of March first, a Wednesday, and the volunteer is only scheduled on Fridays, the first assignment will not be until March 3rd.

Start time

The start time of each assignment.

End time

The end time of each assignment.

Duration each day

How long each detail assignment runs on a given day. Changing End time changes Duration each day, and vice-versa.

Extend assignments through

The last date to be considered when creating the individual assignments. This date may not get an assignment if it doesn't meet the Method/Days/Months criteria.

Number of people

How many people are expected to show up for the assignment.

New assignment status

Most new assignments will have a status of Normal, but they could also be Pending approval or Waitlisted.

Prevent bulk/automatic extension

Check this box to prevent the general recurring assignments extension tool from extending this recurring assignment. You'd normally do this when this assignment is known to be for a specific time period and will not continue past the end you specify here.

Allow creation of assignments into the past

If this is not checked, VSys won't allow the Start date to be a date in the past.

Edit comments

Clicking this link will pop up a box for you to attach comments. Those comments will be added to each detail assignment as they're created. You can see the comments by hovering your mouse over each assignment.

Compare these assignments to job slots

Clicking this link will show, for each generated assignment, whether it would fill a job slot. For those that do fill job slots, also indicates the status of those slots.

Click Generate assignments after entering your rules. If this button is not an option, check for possible problems with the assignment. VSys will display all of the assignments out to the Extend assignments through date. If the created assignments are not what you're looking for, edit the rules then click on Generate assignments again.

Once the general rules are correct, make changes or delete individual assignments from this list as needed (these changes will not affect other assignments on the list), then click on Save.

If you select a job which has a holiday schedule defined for it, when the job assignments are generated here VSys will skip days which are holidays for that job.

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