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Send Pending Web Messages

E-mails which are sent using the downloaded application processing tool are not sent immediately, and they're not sent using the E-mail Robot. Instead, they are put into the database on the VSys Web server and the mailing process is triggered manually.

Steps in this task

  1. After processing applications, indicating that messages should be sent to individual applicants and synchronizing with VSys Web, use the Send pending web messages tool on the VSys Web panel under Process information.
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  2. Click on Get message counts from server.
  3. VSys will display all messages currently pending, and puts a checkbox next to each. Hover over any message to see a preview of what is going to be sent. Un-check any messages that you don't want sent, then click Send.
  4. VSys sends each message individually and shows the status at the bottom.

The MySQL database settings must be entered and tested under Web Settings before this tool can be used.

Why is this needed, and why don't we just use the E-mail Robot for this? The E-mail Robot sends messages to people in VSys. A rejected volunteer, or a new one whose application has not yet been accepted, isn't a "person" to VSys yet, meaning that you're not going to find their profile anywhere in VSys. The VSys Web mail sender knows how to send messages to people who don't yet fully exist in VSys. This allows you to clarify and work with applications without accepting the potential volunteer into your database.

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