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Report Groupings

You use groupings (known in the Report Designer as "groups" - no relation to the same concept in VSys One itself) in your custom report to organize your data. Each grouping has its own header and footer, and the header and footer are only printed once for each unique value as the report goes through the pipeline. For example, in a report based on volunteer hours where you want them organized by delegation, you'd make a report grouping based on "Delegation" and put the delegation's name in the header of the grouping. In the body of the report (the detail band), include the hours fields you need. Then in the footer of that grouping, if you want totals, place calculated fields to total the hours for that delegation. To place overall totals, put calculated fields in the footer of the report itself.

Subreports are full-fledged reports of their own, and can have their own groupings within them.

Create and edit report groupings from the Groups... menu item on the Reports menu.
Report grouping window from report designer

Field name



To make a new grouping, first click on the Add or Insert button then use this to set the pipeline and field for the group.

Break on

Custom Field here does not mean a VSys custom field; in this case it has Report Designer referencing a field already placed on the report.

Start new page

If checked, when this field value changes, a new page will be started.

Reset page number

If checked, when a new page is forced by a field value change, the page number will be set to "1".

New page when less than

If less than this many inches/centimeters are left after the grouping is finished printing, VSys will skip to a new page.

Keep group together

If a grouping would cross a page boundary, VSys will force a page break before the grouping to try to keep the grouping on a single page if this is checked.

Reprint group headers on subsequent pages

If a grouping crosses a page boundary, and this is checked, the grouping's headers will print at the top not just the first page for this grouping's values but each subsequent page, too.

Groupings don't sort your data. If you define groupings like Delegation, Role then Name, but you sort your report by Name only, you'll find some very odd report results.

Deleting a grouping also deletes all fields in the header and footer of that grouping.

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