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VSys Live Application Diagnostics - VOXI Trace Monitor

VSys Live logs a tremendous amount of data with each and every request submitted to it; these can be viewed using the VOXI trace monitor. To understand issues associated with submitting applications online, we're going to use in a specific way:

  1. Enter an appropriate date/time range.
  2. For Command filter, put in "app.postdata" (without the quotation marks).
  3. Under Text search,
  4. Click Get records.

What you'll get on the right is a list of every time this person submitted (or tried to submit) an application during this time period.

This isn't meant to be a user-friendly tool: it goes deep into the heart of how VSys Live processes information. The logs here are primarily intended for our support team.

Click on any event to bring up the detailed request and response.

From these you can probably deduce what the applicant submitted and what - if anything - was missing or incorrect in their application.

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