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Edit Job Associations Tool Profile

Jobs, Locations, Statuses

If any of these are checked, only job associations which have these jobs/locations/statuses will be shown.

Require slot edit security rights to job

Checking this requires that the user have the right to edit slots in the underlying job before they can edit any job associations in that job.

Allow editing

Job associations cannot be edited if this is not checked.

Inline editing

If checked, editing is done in the grid instead of using an Edit popup window.

Allow duplicating

If checked, you can duplicate individual job associations.

Allow deleting

Allows deleting of job associations via the popup editor.

Only where the current user supervises the job association

Checking this limits the tool to only show job associations for which the current logged-in user is the supervisor of the job association.

Allow display of custom fields in listing

If checked, the user will be allowed to show - in the listing - any custom fields linked to job associations.


Dates, Jobs, Locations, Status, Supervisors - which filters should be shown at the top of this tool. (If none are selected, all are shown.)


If any fields are checked here, then only those fields will show in the results listing.

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