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Bulk Hours Editing Tool Profile

Max records to show at once

No more than this number of records will be shown at once.

Read only

If checked, no editing or deleting is permitted.

Require view or edit rights to person

Checking this requires that the current user have view or edit rights to the volunteer in the assignment.

Inline editing

If checked, editing is done in the grid instead of using an Edit popup window.

Allow deletion

Hours records cannot be deleted if this is not checked.

Jobs, Locations

If any of these are checked, only hours which have these jobs/locations will be shown.

Allow editing start dates/times

Users can edit the start dates and times of hours records only if this is checked.

Default "Supervisors" field to the current user

If checked, the Supervisors filter will default to the current user; this makes it simple for the tool to start out showing the current user's data.

Show "Send a letter"

Shows a link to send a letter to the volunteer from within VSys Anywhere; only letter templates based on people or hours can be used.

Allow filtering on virtual hours records


Selection rule

Adds additional, hidden filters that can restrict the assignments shown based on their relationship to the current user.

Max days in past

Limits how old the hours records can be.

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