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Create Interviews (VSys Anywhere)

The Create Interviews tool in VSys Anywhere is designed to create bulk interviews, usually to establish a schedule for online signup of interviews.

  1. Choose an Interview type, Location, First date, Last date and Duration (in fractional hours).
  2. Enter up to ten start times; VSys will create one interview for each of these on every applicable day.
  3. Select Days of week; VSys will only make interviews on these days.
  4. Optionally select one more Excluded holidays; any interviews that would fall on these dates will not be created.
  5. Choose an Interviewer. Note that since these are empty interviews, i.e. those for online signup, no interviewee is assigned.
  6. Click Test. VSys will show a list of the interviews it intends to create.
    If the list is mostly right, you can edit the Start, Time, Duration and Action values by clicking on individual interviews. Delete tells VSys not to make a particular interview.
    If it's mostly wrong, change your rules at the top and click Test again: VSys hasn't actually created anything yet.
  7. Hit Save at the bottom to actually create the interviews.

VSys could be creating more interviews than would fit on the current page, Check at the bottom of the list: if there's more than one page, you need to check those, too!

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