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Assisted Checkin Tool (VSys Anywhere)

The Assisted check in tool is used to check volunteers in or out without using the kiosk or VSys Live; you'd use this to assist those volunteers who cannot for one reason or another work with the kiosk or VSys Live itself.

Under Volunteer, type in the person's last name, kiosk ID, phone number or e-mail address, then click Search. Select the correct person from the drop-down list.

Check in

For a volunteer that's not checked in yet, VSys shows a list of jobs that they can check in for, plus you can modify the Start time. If there are multiple VSys Live sites available that they could be checking into, for example a kiosk site and a main site, choose that VSys Live site from the list. Your selection of site drives the walkup checkin jobs and the auto-checkout rules since those are site-specific.

Click Check in to check the volunteer in as of that time.

Check out

If the volunteer is already checked in, VSys shows their current checkin record.

Check them out as of Check out time, or cancel their checkin as appropriate.

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