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Page Image Item

When you've placed an image on the page, you're able to control some aspects of it.

Alternative text

Shown as the "mouseover" text, this is also what's used by screen readers for the visually impaired. It's always good practice to put a useful description here for every image.

Width, Height

If either of these is not zero, VSys Live will ask the browser to display the image using those sizes. Note that it's perfectly acceptable to set just one of these. If, for example, you set the Height to 100, VSys Live would tell the browser to display it 100px high, but let the browser figure out how wide to show it.

Show to

Controls whether this image is shown to everyone, logged-in visitors or not-logged-in visitors.


Use weights to control how the different items are sorted within a region on the page.

Additional classes

Any classes you put here (separated by spaces) will be applied to the image when it's placed on the page.

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