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Image Adjustments

When you add images to a VSys Live gallery, you should normally only add one version of those images: the good (high resolution) one. VSys Live knows how to modify your images "on the fly", so you can use large, small, "nano", "Original with shadow" and other versions of that image with VSys Live doing all of the work.

Create image adjustments from the from the list of image galleries by clicking on the Image galleries link from within VSys Live sites and settings, then clicking on Setup image adjustments.


Name of this setting; it can be any text you want.

Shrink to size

Check this box to force VSys to reduce the size of the image. If the image is no bigger than these sizes it will not be expanded. If either Maximum width or Maximum height is set to 0, VSys Live will shrink the image to fit in the size that's given, but will not distort the image.

Mix with another color

Use this to combine your image with a fixed color for special effects. When using a gallery image as the background for a VSys Live page, use this to mix the image with 90% white for a pleasing background. (Most browsers don't handle transparent background images very well.)

Fade color

This takes the color out of an image, turning it black & white.

Set transparency

For PNG images, this sets the "alpha transparency" property of the image so that items behind it can show through.

CSS style

This sets the CSS style= property of the image when it's placed on the page by VSys Live. For example,
box-shadow: 5px 5px 10px #222222;
adds a shadow to the image. (You'll need to understand CSS to use this properly.)

CSS class

Sets the CSS class= property of the image when it's placed on the page by VSys Live. (You'll need to understand CSS to use this properly.)

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