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Find Duplicate People

The Find Duplicate People tool looks through the VSys One database for people who meet your criteria (People types, Groups, Exclusions) and compares them to other people, looking for cases where the same person is in the database more than once. This tool does not actually combine/merge any people together, it only looks for potential duplicates and allows you to handle them later.

Steps in this task

  1. Click on Find potentially duplicate people from the Administrator tools panel under Database merge tool.
  2. Set any People types, Groups and Exclusions filters. These filters restrict the duplication tool to looking for cases where one or both of the people meet these criteria.
  3. Click Run. This process could take an extended period of time depending on the speed of your machine and the size of your database.
  4. If VSys finds one or more potential duplicates, click Save to save the records, then process them later. If no records are shown, VSys may have found no potential duplicates or the potential duplicates were found in the past and already exist under Handle potentially duplicate people. Clicking Cancel or re-running the search will discard these potential duplicates.

People here that VSys thinks could be duplicates might not be duplicates, and VSys won't take any actions against these records until you approve and apply them.

What rules does VSys use to find potential duplicates?

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