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Adding Subtotals and Totals to Custom Column Reports

Custom column reports allow you to add totals and subtotals to your reports. To see how these work, let's start with the built-in Hours in the past 30 days report.

The built-in version of this report will give you a listing by day of your volunteers who had credited hours.

But maybe this information would be more useful to you if it was broken out by the job group and had subtotals telling you how many hours were worked in each group. Adding Job group, job to the top of the sorting will change the way the information is displayed (by job group, job, then date, then volunteer name). But it needs another step to add in the subtotals and/or totals.

Steps in this task:

  1. Use the (add summary grouping) link in the Totals and subtotals section on the Settings panel to add a subtotal. Select the field to be summarized on, in this case Job group, job, then click Save.
  2. Use the (add) link to choose the value to be summarized, in this case Duration (number), along with how that value should be summarized: Count, Total, Minimum, Maximum or Average, then click Save.

    More than one value can be summarized for each field. For example you could show for each Job group, job value the total of the hours (as above) but also include the sum of Miles by clicking on (add) again and choosing the appropriate field.


Counts the number of whatever you have selected. If we had chosen to break this example by Job group, job, using Count would have given us the number of hours records in the grouping.


Sums the numeric values of the field.


Gives you the lowest value of the field.


Gives you the highest value of the field.


Sums the field then divides it by the count.

  1. To optionally add totals for the whole report use the Overall: (add) link. Select the Field and Summary type. Use the (add) link to summarize more columns. These can be the same ones you used in the subtotal groupings or they can be different.

In the example below, the job group, job field is totaled by person (36 and 18 respectively) and then they are totaled overall (809). (This is the last page of a much larger report which totals 809.)


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