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Rendered Barcodes

VSys can render text as a barcode within a letter and do this without requiring barcode "fonts" installed. To do this in a letter template, bracket the data to be converted to barcode with "barcode[[" at the beginning and "]]" at the end. For example,

When the letter template is merged, the field Code will be rendered as a Code128 barcode with default dimensions.

You can specify the type, width and height of the generated barcode as well. Do this by putting the barcode's parameters in parenthesis: first the barcode type, then its width in pixels, then its height in pixels. Omitting any of these parameters will cause the barcode to use default values. For example:

Will render the field Code as a Code 128 barcode 300px x 100px in size.

Possible barcode types are

Note that some barcode types require certain types of data, e.g. you can't render "George" in Code39 since that encoding only supports numbers.

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