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Tool Profile Item Configuration

Once added to a tool profile each of the tools can be configured with a few basic properties. Some have more advanced options that vary from tool to tool.

Standard options




This text will be the link used on-screen when the tool profile is used.


Checking this hides the tool from use without deleting it.

Require a password

Checking this and setting a password will require that a user enter the correct password before using this tool.

Icon, Overlay

Use these to change the graphic icon used for the tool.

Additional options

Other options may be present for different tools; the exact options available will vary.


In this example, people in all groups will be included.


In this example, only jobs in the job group "Exhibits" can be credited.


In this example, only assignments which are located in NYC and Parks & Rec can be credited.

Person types


Profile editor restrictions

Any restrictions defined here limit how the Profile editor can be used from within this tool. These restrictions are in addition to any global restrictions and restrictions defined as part of the user's security rights.

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