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Command Line Login

If VSys Security is enabled, VSys requires that every user log in when the program is started. It's possible to bypass this by providing the login information on the command line.

Steps in this task

  1. Find the shortcut used to start VSys, or create one.
  2. Edit that shortcut to include the login: parameter. For example,
    VSys.exe login:userid,password
    where userid is the person's login ID and password is their password. If there are spaces in either of these properties, wrap the entire parameter in double quotes like:
    VSys.exe "login:userid,pass word"
    Note that it's important that neither the user ID nor the password contains a comma character.
  3. Save that shortcut.

It's possible for operators to see the contents of most shortcuts that they have access to, and this can result in that user being able to see the user ID and passwords specified here.

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