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Kiosk Incoming Message Types

Define incoming message types which are valid for messages sent from the kiosk by volunteers.

Steps in this task

  1. From the VSys One home screen go to the Setup panel, and click Incoming message types.
    Incoming message types setup screen
  2. Click Add message type on the left navigation bar.
  3. Name the message type with a Description.
  4. Check Available on kiosk.
  5. If you enter a value under Template/default message text, when the volunteer is prompted for their message this template will be included.
  6. Click Save for the pop-up box and then Save again at the top of the screen.

When a volunteer logs into to the kiosk, he should now have the button Send a message. Clicking that button will bring up the types of messages that he can send.
Linked Graphic

Selecting a type of message will bring up a message window and a keyboard on the kiosk.
Linked Graphic

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