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Calendar Items

Calendar items can appear in VSys Live within the "Personal calendar" block, "Organizational calendar" block, in VSys Live listing views and in custom calendars.
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Right-click tools

Add calendar item

Creates a new calendar item.


Edits this calendar item in the Calendar Item editor.


Opens this calendar item in read-only mode.


Makes an exact copy of this calendar item.

Make hidden/Make visible

Toggles the visibility of this item on VSys Live.


Marks the current item for deletion (or for non-deletion).

See tracked changes

Shows who's made changes to this item and when.

Paste values from clipboard

If you have a lot of calendar items that you want to add, you can create them in Excel or another system. Copy them to the Windows clipboard with the date, description and details (in columns in that order), then paste them here in bulk.

Calendar item properties


This will appear in the calendar date box.


If checked, this item will not be visible on VSys Live.

Calendar date

First date that the calendar item will show. If the current day is before this date, the item will be visible here in the editor but not on VSys Live.

Show for multiple days/Show through

If Show for multiple days is checked, you will get an option to select the last date it will show.

First date visible/Last date visible

These don't affect what days the item appears on the calendar, they affect when it's visible. For example you can define the entire year's calendar items in January but make it so that some of them don't appear more than sixty days beforehand, even for people who look at those future months.

Show on personal calendars

"Yes", "No" and "Use VSys Live site settings"; use these to override whether or not this organization calendar item appears on volunteers' personal calendars in VSys Live.

Approval status

For your own use, not used by VSys Live.

RSS feeds

Which - if any - RSS feeds this calendar item should appear on. (Only available if one or more RSS feeds are defined.)

News/calendar item tags

Use these to tag calendar items so that they can be shown on multiple VSys Live sites.

Item text

Text that will show when a volunteer clicks on the item for more information.

Required people types, Required groups

Only people signed into VSys Live and who meet these criteria will be able to see this calendar item.


Text for your own purposes; not used by VSys Live.

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