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Command Line Backups

VSys can be told to run its backups directly from the command line, rather than using the visual user interface. These are handy for scheduled backups that you can have automatically run by Windows as a scheduled task, or by any enterprise management tool which permits scheduled jobs.

Run a command line backup by launching VSys with the backup: parameter, followed by any options. For example,

VSys.exe backup:{yyyy-mm-dd.hh.nn.ss.zip},password:beef,omitimages
VSys.exe backup:{mm-dd-yyyy.zip},maxsize:10

When run on February 12, 2010 at 5:56:00pm, the first would result in a file named 2010-02-, the second example would produce 02-12-2010.zip.

You can't choose which tables to include, but you can specify those to be omitted. Do this by putting the table names with dash characters in front of them, delimited by commas. For example,

VSys.exe backup:{yyyy.mm.dd},-zips,-trace

will omit the tables "zips" and "trace".




Text used to encrypt the backup, in this example, "beef".


Excludes from the backup any scanned forms or images associated with comments.


If the backup file would exceed this size, breaks the backup into multiple files all no larger than this value (in megabytes).

VSys must be configured to automatically start with a database for these backups to work or you must specify a database on the command line. If VSys prompts you for a database to use when it's run, the command line backup process cannot work.

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