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Entering Data Using an Application Form

  1. From the main screen or from within a project, open the Application forms panel.
  2. Click to select the form you want. (You can also right-click on a person in the Person lookup tool and select View through an application form or Edit with an application form. The former uses the form in a read-only mode (view), while the latter lets you edit the person.)

The Application forms panel isn't visible unless at least one application form layout has been created and its Application type is Desktop.

If application forms are not an option when right-clicking on a person, make sure the application type is Desktop and Show in person lookup tool is checked.

Sample custom application form for a volunteer

Use the Application status links to change the status of the application. Note that rejecting or ignoring an application and then saving it does not result in the application's content being discarded: the Status value is purely for your benefit and for filtering later.

Changes made here are not committed until you click the Save button. Clicking Save saves the changes you've made, then opens up the application form again with blank fields, ready for the next person. Clicking Cancel aborts all changes made to the current form.

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