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How does VSys Web work?

VSys Web is an optional portal that your volunteers can use to fill out applications of your own design, see their assignments and hours, and optionally enter hours as well.

The VSys Web system is hosted on our server and does not require external access to your database. Instead, the VSys client on your network synchronizes with the VSys Web server, downloading new applications and hours, and pushing up news items, volunteer changes and settings. This keeps your data securely on your network with only a limited subset of each volunteer's data sitting on VSys Web, and then only if they have a web account set up.

When new applications and volunteer hours have been downloaded via synchronization (a one-step, very easy process), someone on your staff looks at and approves each record. If the record is okay, its data is automatically posted and a message can be sent to the volunteer. If there are problems, it can be rejected and sent back for update.

VSys Web comes included with your maintenance agreement at no extra charge.

As of April 2012, VSys Web can be configured for self-hosting on your own server. It's still the same VSys Web with exactly the same set of features, but it can be run under your own control and in your own dedicated environment. As such you can enable SSL sessions for volunteers accessing VSys Web through a browser, and it's possible to customize VSys Web for yourself. Talk to your VSys One account representative about availability and pricing for this option.

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