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Touchscreen Displays

Touchscreen displays emulate (function as) regular monitors with built-in pointing devices (mice). To VSys, clicking on the screen with a finger or stylus has the same effect as moving the mouse pointer to the same location and clicking the left mouse button. All Windows-compatible touchscreen displays are compatible with VSys since they all work the same way.

Diagnosing problems


Possible causes

Touching the screen does nothing in VSys

With your display connected and its drivers installed, touch the center of your screen. Does the mouse pointer move to that location? Can you double-click on any icons using your finger? If not, your touchscreen driver is not properly installed, or the monitor is not connected to your computer via the USB or serial ports as appropriate.

Screen touches don't seem to hit the right places

Your display drivers probably come with a "calibration" tool. Run this tool, it will walk you through clicking on various places on the screen to adjust itself.

No touchscreen option

Because a touchscreen display looks to VSys just like a regular display with a mouse, you can actually use the VSys Kiosk simply by using a regular display and a mouse. This won't be as convenient for your volunteers, especially those less comfortable with computers, but it does allow you to set up a kiosk machine at lower cost, possibly in a lower-volume area.

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